Let me break it down a little more for you. 

Here’s how the Done For You Downline system works:

  •  A prospect clicks on your compelling advertisement on Facebook. Sound familiar? That’s how you got here.
  •  They watch a short “indoctrination” video and read a short page that demonstrates just amazing your offer is and how it solves ALL the pain points of potential team members. Again, like you’re doing right now.
  •  You invite them to book an appointment with you to discuss your offer. Because the advertisement, video, and writing are really good, people are EAGER to book a call with you. No arm-bending required.
  •  You pick up the phone, chat for a few minutes, and make the sale.

A simple, powerful marketing funnel. 

Four steps to dominate your downline.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, That sounds too simple. 

You’re right, it is a simple process.  

If you know how to set it up so that it works every time, go for it! 

Just don’t forget to…  

  •  Properly target your Facebook ad (you’ll waste money if you don’t)
  •  Design an ultra-compelling ad that stays within Facebook’s guidelines
  •  Write a powerful indoctrination script for the video so that people are dying to work with you
  •  Design the page for the video (make sure people want to watch it!)
  •  Create a booking page to set up calls
  •  Use the psychology of sales when pitching people to join your team

So yes, if you want to spend the time and money doing those things, you definitely can. 

Or you can work with us. 

Not only will we create these materials for you, we’ll ALSO teach you how to create them yourself so that your team can duplicate your success.

Once everything is ready to go, we’ll flip the switch and turn the Dominate Your Downline system on. 

As soon as you turn it on, highly qualified leads start pouring in.